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LGHOM is teaming up with ILA to build bridges INTERNATIONALLY for art & music to be shared!

Joining with ILA

ILA is connecting Children around the World through their Art & Messages.


What is ILA?

“We are the Voice of Unheard Children & we are creating SPACE for YOU to express yourself!”


How can you get involved?


We are nothing more than the connectors for these children to communicate worldwide through the languages or art and music. Encourage your child to be as creative as they please and guide them through the message they write to go along with their song.



  1. Select a song that you want to share with another child across the world!
  2. Jen Clark at the House of Music will record your song that you have prepared.
  3. Write a message to go along with your song explaining why you chose it, what it means to you & a little bit about who you are.

Song Choice:

Can be an original composition or a cover

Content must be appropriate

Any instrument, or accapella voice is acceptable



Under a page long so it is fairly simple to translate to those that do not speak English!

A photo of you is encouraged so they have a face with the message.



ILA began as an art-based organization that send American students’ art internationally and then brought art back into the states. The art has been delivered through missionary trips and sent to volunteers all over the world. Many of our musical students also are artists- we encourage our students to not only submit music they wish to share but also any pieces of art with a message for the child that will receive your piece!

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