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WHo WE are

Through our approach to music lessons, House of Music students are more inspired to learn, more motivated to excel and more confident as a result. We teach guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, vocals, and more in an interactive environment.

Inspired Approach

While weekly lessons lay the foundation for learning an instrument, the real fun begins when you apply that knowledge. At House of Music, we encourage all of our students to get involved in one of our performance-based programs to realize their potential by playing, and not just practicing. After all, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to go to soccer practice every week if you never got to play a game. Why should music be any different? At the Lake Geneva House of Music, we believe that students feel more motivated by playing with their peers. Individual instruction, combined with band instruction, along with regularly scheduled public performances; will inspire our students to be their best.

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With our open enrollment year-round it’s never to late to start learning . Any skill level or age is welcome . Contact us today so we can schedule an intake interview ! Get started now!

Student Perfomance Groups

Want to see our student groups perform ? Check out one of our student performance group events! 

When you’re a member of one of our performance-based groups at the House of Music -it’s not only about playing an instrument; it’s about playing on a team.

Our program has a transformative effect on students, young and old, that goes beyond music. We believe teaching music through our approach creates profound and meaningful changes in our student’s lives. Our young students also benefit from our music program by gaining self-confidence, developing leadership skills and becoming goal-orientated.

Students in the Lake Geneva House of Music programs are learning how to play by jamming together with his or her fellow students, which inspires and makes it more fun for them to practice – allowing them to become more invested in the learning process. We’ve also found that having upcoming live shows are an excellent motivator for students to practice and do their best.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Make quality music education available for everyone and

 help students realize their full musical potential.

Student Calendar


January 2021


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Closed for Winter Break


Closed for Winter Break


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Varsity Rehearsal


Varsity Rehearsal


Varsity Rehearsal

House of Music 


Frequently Asked Questions

Making the choice to invest in music lessons can be a difficult one. There are many questions that can arise while making this decision . Below are some of our more common questions we get from people. 

How much do lessons cost?

We have many options on our lesson pricing. Our general discount rate for the performance group students [kids and adults] is $200 per month, which includes a weekly 40-minute lesson and 2.5 hour group rehearsal. Our private lessons are priced at $40 for a thirty-minute lesson, and $45 for a forty-five minute lesson. Discounts are given to those who pay monthly. We also offer group lessons, which we recommend for beginners, for as little at $10 for half an hour. 

Can I join anytime?

Yes, it’s open enrollment and always a great time to join the Lake Geneva House of Music.

Where are you Located ?

We located just outside of Lake Geneva, WI on county H. Our address is N3241 County Road H Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Our child would like to learn 2 instruments. Can we do this ?

Yes, absolutely and we encourage it. You can either double up your weekly lessons or, when instructor schedules permit, alternate with each instrument [or vocal] lesson each week.

How often are your student performances?

Each student group will do a public performance approximately every 3-5 months, or 3-4 times annually.

I have more than one family member who would like to join . Do you offer a discounts to families ?

Yes, we do. We can usually discount our general monthly rate by a much as $50 for each additional family member that would like to join.

Do you teach anything besides guitar, drums, singing, bass, and keyboards / piano ?

Yes, we can also teach mandolin, accordion, flute and ukulele and are adding more and more instruments all the time, so please ask if interested.

Is there an age requirement ?

Generally, it’s seven years of age, but we can make exceptions, especially for those interested in just private lessons (without the group performances).

Do you make house calls for lessons?

Yes, sometimes. Of course, it depends on a few considerations, like scheduling and travel distance, but we will if we can.

Our child would love to join, but we cant afford it at this time, are there any other available options at this time ?

Yes, we already have students who have joined under our scholarship program and are working to increase this opportunity for those in need. Please ask if interested, we’ll try to work with you however we can.

House of music 


Music Director 

Chris Buttleman

Chris Buttleman’s musical life was sparked by his older brothers’ influence on him as they introduced him to great albums by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and much more at around the age of 7. However, his first musical instrument was a harmonica, then a ukulele, and then after a few years of piano lessons and playing drums in the school band, he developed a passion for the guitar at age 14. Chris was playing [semi] professionally with backyard/garage bands within twelve months, which progressed to packing clubs and halls throughout his high school years. At 17, Chris spent a summer at the Guitar Institute of Technology [GIT] in Hollywood on a scholarship. Returning to his home state of Iowa to finish high school, he then packed his belongings for a more permanent move to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. Shortly after arrival, he formed the group RiverDogs, which, after a few lineup changes, included the addition of Vivian Campbell [Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Dio] and was a group that later signed a deal with Epic Records in 1989. Concurrently, Chris was not only honing his skills as a player, but as a guitar builder and repairman while employed by Valley Arts Guitar [N. Hollywood, CA], where Eddie Van Halen, Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather and many others were patrons. This experience led to starting his own guitar shop in North Hollywood, GuitarWorks. As a technician, Chris went on to do several world tours and worked directly with the Eagles, Elton John, Beach Boys, Ozzy Osbourne, Night Ranger and many others. Subsequently, as tour manager, he played an important role in the platinum success of Semisonic, the Verve Pipe, Five For Fighting and Remy Zero in the 1990’s. For the last eight years, while continuing to study guitar, Chris created his own artist development company, Machine, Inc., which includes an independent record label, recording studio, music publishing and artist management services. He’s developed, recorded and released several independent albums from bands and singer/ songwriters to worldwide acclaim and as well has enjoyed success licensing music to corporations Phillip-Morris, Adidas and Domino’s Pizza, and popular television shows as So You Think You Can Dance, The O.C., MTV’s Real World, Road Rules, Kardashians, and The Hills, and ABC’s Six Degrees among others. Chris Buttleman, has been playing guitar and working in the music industry for over 25 years and offers a unique opportunity for students to receive not only expert guitar lessons but also gain keen insight from his broad range of experience. Whether considering a career or vocation in music, Chris can teach all styles, but specializes in blues influenced rock guitar.


Tamara Anderson

Vocal / Guitar    

Kathy Fry

Piano /  Guitar 

Jeanette VanKanegan


Fred Krubel

Guitar / Banjo / Mandolin 

Shane Madsen


Dave Dohearty

Guitar / Ukulele

Lara Bell

Voice / Piano / Guitar / Ukulele

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