Beginner Student Group


Come join the fun, perform with kids your own age, and learn what music is all about!

The Lake Geneva House of Music offers our Beginner Student Group Program, where students get individual private lessons on guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals, and more, along with a weekly one-hour band rehearsal. Here, they get to implement what they are learning in their lessons, and apply it in a group setting. This is where our younger students start out, and work their way up to the Intermediate Group when they are at the right age and skill level. These students get to give an input on songs they would like to play, and work them up alongside their other bandmates and their Music Directors. This gives them a chance to build relationships and friendships, work together as a team, and learn how to perform and play together, starting at a young age. This group is mainly made up of elementary-school students (ages 6-9) with beginner abilities in their instrument of choice. These students are able to learn songs at a slower pace, while going over them in their lessons, at home, and in rehearsal.

With House of Music’s Beginner Student Group Program, they will get the chance to work with our experienced staff of professional musicians, meet and perform with a fun and interesting group of people, make new friends, and learn the skills it takes to be a musician at a young age. This allows them to work on their social skills, comprehension, and so much more!

The Stage is Yours for the taking. Call now to get enrolled, at (262)-248-0606.