We pride ourselves in teaching excellence at the Lake Geneva House of Music. Conveniently located in downtown Lake Geneva, we feel you’ll find us the ; most educational, most fun and most affordable performance-based music school in the area. We also encourage you to compare us to the competition on each of the following:

  1. We’ve assembled the best and most experienced teaching staff of any music school in the Geneva Lakes area.
  2. Our music school is owned and run by real musicians who have spent their lives living and breathing music and working in the music industry.
  3. We are much more than just a “rock school”. We also teach and appreciate many other styles of music and are not limited in that way.
  4. Our instructors don’t just “clock in” through your lesson and waste your time [or spend your lesson time learning the songs so we can teach you]. We listen as well, and really care and work to ensure our students are getting the most out of working with us.
  5. We don’t refer to our students/ student groups with silly names like “rockers” of some sort.
  6. We are flexible in lesson scheduling, and rescheduling when needed. We are also flexible in our payment plans and options for lessons. We’ll work with you any way we can.
  7. We also offer outstanding musical instrument sales and servicing.
  8. We are an independent, privately owned, local small business – not a national, corporate franchise. PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS AND MUSICIANS!
  9. We offer many other extra activities to enhance your education and experience, including: additional live performance opportunities, jam sessions, special guests/ presentations, movie nights, field trips and more.