How much do lessons cost?
We have many options on our lesson pricing. Our general discount rate for the performance group students [kids and adults] is $200 per month, which includes a weekly 40-minute lesson and 2.5 hour group rehearsal. Our private lessons are priced at $40 for a thirty-minute lesson, and $45 for a forty-five minute lesson. Discounts are given to those who pay monthly. We also offer group lessons, which we recommend for beginners, for as little at $10 for half an hour. Please visit our ABOUT section for more information, or call (262) 248-0606.
Can I join anytime?
Yes, it’s open enrollment and always a great time to join the Lake Geneva House of Music.
Where are you located?
We’re very near downtown Lake Geneva, WI. We currently teach lessons and offer sales and instrument repair servicing at 529 W. Main Street, Lake Geneva, WI.  
Our child would like to learn two different instruments; can we do this?
Yes, absolutely and we encourage it. You can either double up your weekly lessons or, when instructor schedules permit, alternate with each instrument [or vocal] lesson each week.
How often are your student performances?
Each student group will do a public performance approximately every 3-5 months, or 3-4 times annually.
I have more than one family member who would like to join. Do you offer a discounts to families?
Yes, we do. We can usually discount our general monthly rate by a much as $50 for each additional family member that would like to join.
Do you teach anything besides guitar, drums, singing, bass and keyboards/ piano?
Yes, we can also teach mandolin, accordion, flute and ukulele and are adding more and more instruments all the time, so please ask if interested.
Is there a minimum age requirement?
Generally, it’s seven years of age, but we can make exceptions, especially for those interested in just private lessons (without the group performances).
Do you make house calls for lessons?
Yes, sometimes. Of course, it depends on a few considerations, like scheduling and travel distance, but we will if we can.
Our child would love to join, but we aren’t able to afford it at this time, are there any options available for us?
Yes, we already have students who have joined under our scholarship program and are working to increase this opportunity for those in need. Please ask if interested, we’ll try to work with you however we can.
We’ve heard of Gus, the LG House of Music mascot, where can we learn more about him?
Gus is becoming well known and loved with LG House of Music staff and students, as well as respected for his vocal ‘talent’. You can learn more about him here. He’s happy to give paw prints to autograph seekers.