When you’re a member of one of our performance-based groups at House of Music -it’s not only about playing an instrument; it’s about playing on a team.

Our program has a transformative effect on students, young and old, that goes beyond music.We believe teaching music through our approach creates profound and meaningful changes in our student’s lives. Our young students also benefit from our music
program by gaining self-confidence, developing leadership skills and becoming goal-

Students in the Lake Geneva House of Music programs are learning how to play by jamming together with his or her fellow students, which inspires and makes it more fun for them to practice – allowing them to become more invested in the learning process. We’ve also found that having upcoming live shows are an excellent motivator for students to practice and do their best!

The Lake Geneva House of Music is “everything I would have wanted a music school to be when I was young”, say owner, Chris Buttleman, adding, “I wanted to create something I would have loved”.